DOMINIC BEHAN - Easter Monday 1916 Songs of the I.R.A. LP

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Easter Monday 1916 Songs of the I.R.A. (Irish Republican Army)

Released from 1958. 

Mono version. Cover as shown. Someone added a note "Legion of the Rearguard" to the text on the back and there is a faint stamp "M 1219" on the back of the jacket. The vinyl looks to be VG+ with no visual flaws. 

1 A Grand Old Country
2 Erin Go Bragh
3 Sergeant William Bailey
4 Kevin Barry
5 The Recruiting Sergeant
6 Slean Libh
7 The 18th Day of November
8 The Boys of County Cook
9 Barry's Column
10 Kerry
11 Soldiers of the Rearguard
12 Sean Tracy
13 Take It Down From the Mast
14 The Merry Ploughboy
15 The Ould Alarm Clock
16 The Patriot Game

Track A1: Is a variant of "The Garden Where The Praties Grow".
Track A3: Is a variant of "Smith Of Bristol"
Track A4: Is the tune "Rolling Home To Merry England"
Track A5: Is a variant of "The Peeler And The Goat"
Track A6: Is the tune "A Soldiers Song"
Track A7: Is a variant of "Men Of The West" And/Or "Rosin The Bow"
Track B2: Is the tune "Faich O'Byrne
Track B7: Is the tune "The Jolly Ploughboy"
Track B8: Is set to the air of "The Garden Where The Praties Grow"

Recorded November 1957
Release date per Both Sides Now web discography for Riverside: "RLP 12 820 - Republican Army Songs - Dominic Behan [1958]"