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'antithesis' CD

1 Nowhere         
2 Versus         
3 Ordinance         
4 Confessions         
5 Metamorphoses         
6 Ghost         
7 Seraphim Is Dead         
8 Lucifer Speaks         
9 Exit

SECRETS OF THE MOON have dedicated their every thought and deed to magic; their tracks are happenings pertinent to all your senses and must remain an enigma as the listener won’t be able to judge in an exclusively rational way. Their concerts are fuelled by a Dionysian energy turning live performances into something more akin to a ritual(the band has toured with the likes of Watain, Antaeus and Averse Sefira). And yet, they never lose site of the handicraft of their art- with great passion, they create music with visionary atmosphere, not only being state-of-the-art technically, but also setting new standards in the field of Black Metal and beyond.

It is, as Shelley once wrote, “…a mistake to suppose that he (Satan) could ever have been intended for the popular personification of evil.” ‘Antithesis’ seems to be rooted exactly in that concept, in the art of SECRETS OF THE MOON - the title of the new album illuminates that point!- the devil is not imagined in a conventional way, nor as a mere inversion of Christian values. Rather, he is praised in breathtaking songs as the Godfather of artistic inspiration- an admiration of the sublime, the titanic and the rebellious in him, of his capacity for both destruction and creation, and of his extraordinary majesty, even in his downfall.

That makes SECRETS OF THE MOON true visionaries and innovators of Black Metal as has been hinted before. ‘Antithesis’ has even more to offer; in its perfect balance of wildness and calculation, in its evocative, hypnotic intensity, in its heavy grandeur, in its sublime structure, in its confessional obsessiveness, this album is an immense step for SECRETS OF THE MOON.