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Black Magickal Metal swathed in reverb-heavy and trancelike doom. The void has never been more mesmerizing!

THE LAW 'None Escape' LP
THE LAW was an esoteric "power trio" comprised of former Source Family initiates who relocated to Los Angeles in 1983. Alternately sleazy and spiritual, mystic and profane. A lost gem from the early 1980's heavy metal crown has finally been restored! 180 gram vinyl with lyrics and liner notes by founding member Peter Tobin. 

GRAVE COMMAND Various Artists LP
Picture disc with die-cut jacket, featuring (at the time) exclusive tracks from Danava, Ghoul, Deceased, Venenum, Occultation, Ride for Revenge, Grave Violators (Autopsy incognito), Xander Harris and one previously released track from the little known band XINR.