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Issue X

This magazine has been around since 1991 and is still created in Peru.

In this issue:
56 pages, A4, interviews with:
-Arkheth (New Zealand)
-Campo de Mayo (Argentina)
-Destruktor (Australia)
-Diocletian (New zealand)
-Dreadful Relic (Hellas)
-Evil (Brasil)
-Fester (Norway)
-Ghosts of Breslau (Poland)
-Hadez R.I.P (peru)
-Heathen Hammer (USA)
-Invictus prod. (Ireland)
_Kiss of shame distro (Hellas).
-Lebensessenz (Brasil)
-Macabre Omen (Hellas)
-Moder R.I.P (Germany)
-Naer Mataron (Hellas)
-Prosanctus Inferi (USA)
-Putrid (Peru)
-Seges Findere (Brasil)
-Satanic Skinhead Propaganda (RIP) (USA)
-The Sinister Flame Magazine. (Finland).
-Throne of the Fallen (PERU)
-Truppensturm (Germany)
-Ulfhethnar (Argentina)
-Varathron (Hellas)
-Vasaeleth (USA)
-Woods of infinity (RIP - Sweden)