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By Don Webb.

Former High Priest of the Temple of Set, Don Webb here offers some inner teachings of this well regarded LHP Order as well as some primary background information since many are completely unfamiliar with the Temple of Set due to their lack of interest in media attention, contrary to the approach of LaVey and his Church of Satan. 

The first part is essentially an introduction to the Left Hand Path school of thought. Primarily useful to a Neophyte, it is also primer on a theistic approach approach to the LHP, as opposed to the more materialistic slant, as propagated by some. The second part is a series of essays originally written for Temple publications, now available (obviously) to the public. 

Don Webb teaches High School English in a reform school in rural Texas by day, Creative Writing for UCLA Extension by night. He has a had a mystery series at St. Martin's Press, a series of books on contemporary and Late Antique magical practice from Runa Raven Press, and more than 300 published short stories of SF/F/H. His work has been translated into 11 languages.