CLAVICULA NOX - Nox Issue IV: Lilith

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 Ixaxaar Occult Literature, 2009. First Edition. Softcover. Periodical. Quarto. 52pp. Heavy card stock covers, printed in red and black, 1 full page colour illustration, numerous b&w illustrations. Striking illustration of Baphomet on upper cover by Jack MacBeth, author of The Totemic Invocation of the Shadow Selves. Articles include: "Lilith" by Vexior; "The Whore, The Qlipothic Womb and the Ruby Elixir" by Asenath Mason; "Bird of the Night Queen- Harbinger of Wisdom and Death" by Johannes Nefastos; "The Esoteric Formulae and Sigils of Lilith" by Temple of the Black Light 218; "The Temphioth Working" by Stephen Sennitt; "Gullveig and Lilith" by Vexior; "Understanding The Path" by Mark Smith, "Lilith - An Imperative Truth" by G. McCaughry, "Quattuor Hymni ad Lilit" by G. Now out of print. Unused copy thus in Fine condition.