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From the twisted mind of A.R. infamous for his work with the dark evocations of Australian black metal sadists Grave Worship—who were also the very first entity empowered by the iron hand of GoatowaRex long ago in the age of 2002—comes the psychedelic driven black metal fury of Of Seance, whose experimental forays dive headlong into the dreamlands of fuzz haze vision.

Raising a hard rock hell from the depths of decadent depravity, Of Seance’s self-title debut full-length incantation is an engrossing experience of grooving black acid soundscapes, mournful black tremolo melodics, experimental spiral dissonance instrumentation, infectious musical misma composition, and a bizarre thematic expression not often found amongst the tomb cult wastelands. Enforcing this thematic expression further is the lyrical assistance of Portuguese arch-shadow Mon Veneris, whose own wax seal of grand approval brands this entropic waltz into the labyrinthine corridors with ancillary misery.