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A1 A Bacchanalian Night
A2 Mephistomaniacs
A3 In Delirium
A4 Trauma 6.6.6.
B1 Thgin Nailanahccab A
B2 Scainamotsihpem
B3 Muiriled Ni
B4 .6.6.6 Amuart

An inferno of needles injected into the emaciated veins of the bio-mechanical slave, fluid of sludge corruption polluting pallid of flesh and murk of mind, cortex of thunder bolt trauma activating visual membranes, comes into perception that haunting emission received only as Nox Morbum. Entering the cruel cerebral console interface in the age of 2019, Nox Morbum originates from Québec, its viral appendages emitting an industrial black metal sound akin to that of Norwegian never stop the madness psychonauts, Mysticum. Infecting neural networks with a small digital grimoire of machine messiah incantations since its first detection, Nox Morbum now focuses its eerie of energy into collecting these viral infections—alongside fresh aural additions—in conspiracy with the iron firewall of GoatowaRex black rust ruin.

Nox Morbum is the lobotomized lucidity that enables enlightenment through nailnet nerve necrosis. A bacchanalian industrial black metal revelry of dark web wonder, Nox Morbum is that from which rasping cries are pushed through a void vacuum of mechanical tomb production. Machine mausoleums of drugged hypnosis that pulsate through mortal flesh internal organ tremolo melodics, the iron rattling of their bones caught in rhythms of in blast beat prophecies—rotten brain matter purified by synth salvation. Infectious, dystopian, entracing, Nox Morbum is the graveyard factory ware of the interminable future, a bleak digital occultism of the nailnet warrior, murk morphine fluids injected directly into mechanical muscle mass, as narcotic nuclear spears rise up across planes both ephemeral and virtual. Twin suns of black tar exoneration.