MARTIAL KANKI ‎– Viipale Jokaista Sortimenttia... cassette

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Format: Cassette
Country: China
Released: 2020

Viipale Jokaista Sortimenttia Kunnes Elämä Loppu - Cassette

The phenomenon of a large factory so closed off from the outside world was a point of extreme fascination to me. It was almost with regret that I ultimately learned about the factory’s subterranean access. But of course, that revelation in its turn also became a source for my truly degenerate sense of amazement, my decayed fascination.
– Thomas Ligotti ”The Red Tower”

Brewed in the martial darkness of the BLACK FACTORY Martial Kanki presents a horrific, sonic journey through the obscure rituals and traditions of the NIGHT SHIFT. Putting on the vomit, coffee, alcohol and blood-drenched rubber overalls of Karjalan Sissit, with pockets rattling with near-empty bottles of uneffective SSRI-pills, a flask of hand-sanitizer and collected works of Schopenhauer, Martial Kanki protrudes into the inner sanctums of factorial existence/non-existence. Stupid and childish, mentally ill, paranoid and fully deranged it explores different functions of the BLACK FACTORY, the production hall producing horse-like pieces, the processing line where the souls are crushed with black platform boots, never losing it mindlessly gleeful smile.

Let the obnoxious industrial noises violate your mind. There's no need to resist. We'll all be working there soon. Welcome to the factory.

Limited to 100 copies.