GROLE - With A Pike Upon My Shoulder LP

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On dark green transparent wax.

Thee Frozen Land
Isle Bereavement
A Noted Sabbath Breaker
To The East
Dust To Dust
Unholy Order
Come Into My Parlor

Wielding steel with wild abandon and in wicked defiance, breaking the sabbath with twitching terror of halberd, leads charge by the one in herald of Grole. Born in the age of 2020, Grole is the singular conception of the infamous Illusory, known for his work with Canadian entities such as Spectral Wound and Profane Order, who utilises this raw black metal entity to bounteous breakdown brutality. Thus the prophets speak shaded truth when Grole’s debut incantation is to be brought to acolytes by the iron spear of GoatowaRex heavenly penetration, this upon raven black of the finest vinyl wax.

With a Pike upon My Shoulder is a captivating expression of orthodox raw black metal, one made all the better for the punctuations of hardcore style breakdowns and melodic heavy metal solo sections A riveting excursion into the fundamental essence of black metal sorcery, it creates thrilling conflicts of empowering compoistion, leaving no singular moment dreary or dull, wreaking havoc with every swing of barbed prong. Acolytes on the prowl for an immediate fix of truly engrossing and enjoyable black metal, need spur their steeds no longer, for they shall find their spears shaprepend with each spell sworn, as dust returns to dust.

Available soon upon raven of wax black vinyl. An unholy order locked in battle upon frozen land.