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AI Introduction
AII A Memory Of That Final Night
AIII The Eternal Dance Of Mourning & Death
BIV Myriad Of Dark Forms & Shadow
BV Thou Riseth At Night & Dawn

Transmogrified from the sacrificial remains of a dozen dying gods, riven with the eidolic scars of immortal putrefaction, infinity of blind eyes opened wide to void craving of spectral darkness—howls the reconstructed fetters of darkness, reanimated and reformed into that known as the Black Metamorphosis. Emitting waves of sonic poison since the age of 2019, this American spectre of raw melancholic black metal has few incantations available to acolytes, only by the iron glory of GoatowaRex shadow mastery, does its demo incantation from the age of 2020 come upon raven wax of darkest vinyl.

The second demo incantation of Black Metamorphosis is the perpetual waltz of dead prayer grief. An accelerated astral projection adventure through obsidian crypt maze cold, one driven by ominous coalition of emaciated tomb ritual production, rust organ synth ministrations, vacuum howl rasp orations, atmospheric tremolo melody infections and a decadent gothic lamentation of miserable thematic. In worship to those Black Legions of yore, Black Metamorphosis draws those mortals experiencing it to spiritual transformations of morbid romance, pallid flesh of undead reverie intertwined in sanguine spirit excavation.