VULCAIN - Rock'n'roll Secours Digi-CD

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France’s VULCAIN are one of the best kept secrets of traditional heavy metal. Since 1981, they have blended the high-octane energy of heavy metal with the visceral attitude of punk, all while retaining the timeless swagger of rock and roll. This reissue of their 1984 debut ‘Rock‘n’Roll Secours’ demonstrates why they have been lovingly referred to as the “French Motorhead”. Songs like “Ebony”, “Vulcain”, and the title track menacingly wield gravel-throated vocals and pummeling double bass to get their point across. ‘Rock’n’Roll Secours’ belongs in any true heavy metal fan’s collection and insists to be played loud!

1 Ebony
2 Le King
3 Les Damnés
4 Pile Ou Face
5 Rock'N'Roll Secours
6 La Digue Du Cul
7 Le Fils De Lucifer
8 Vulcain
9 L'Enfer
10 Overdose
11 Bosser
Bonus Tracks
12 La Dame De Fer
13 Emmène-le
14 Reprends Ta Place