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The Lyoto Music project was born as a mail collaboration between Pierpaolo Zoppo and Pietro Mazzocchin . Back in the days, Pietro was in contact by phone with Pierpaolo as well as, among others, Maurizio Bianchi . The idea of the project was launched during one of these long evening calls. Between the end of 1983 and early 1984, Pierpaolo recorded the first audio material straight on tape, to then forward it via mail to Mazzocchin. The cassette reached Veneto from Piemonte after several difficulties and extremely slowly, since Pietro's personal correspondence often suffered delays due to checks by the postal police, with related complaints for outrage to the public decency and instigation…At the beginning of 1984, Pietro added and mixed new sounds on a 60-minute TDK cassette, to then forward it to Andrea Cernotto . His label Aquilifer Sodality had already released some tapes of Mauthausen Orchestra , one of The New Sadism and Hate's Our Belief , a double tape compilation that included tracks of Sutcliffe Jügend , Consumer Electronics , Ramleh and M.B. among others. Pietro simply wrote by pen Tora! Tora! Tora! on the cover of the 60-minute TDK cassette, without specifying any project name. The tape included two long untitled recordings of approximately 24-minutes. In agreement with Andrea, this new collaboration became Lyoto Music , and the cover of the cassette simply featured: AQUILIFER SODALITY PRESENTS LYOTO MUSIC.
The original idea of reprinting Lyoto Music in vinyl matured with Pierpaolo Zoppo in 2010, before even discussing the Mauthausen Orchestra reissues. Pierpaolo confessed me that most of the work on the release was Pietro Mazzocchin 's, then I also needed his permission before proceeding. The project was temporarily shelved to focus on all the Mauthausen Orchestra reissues. In early 2015, thanks to Andrea Cernotto who gave me the original 60-minute TDK cassette, I remastered the audio of Lyoto Music , used exclusively for vinyl reissue and, with Pietro's permission, I released the album in May 2015 in 199 copies on virgin vinyl.This second reissue in 60 hand-numbered copies wants to pay tribute to one of the best Italian industrial and power electronics projects ever, as well as to one of the most brutal Italian labels of the eighties.The record has been pressed 140gr black vinyl with black label and black inner sleeve and comes in a white cardboard sleeve with original artwork tape attached plus hand numbered insert.