HOLLOW SERPENT TOOTH - Primitive and Isolated LP

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A1 For The Primitive: Introduction - Thunder Breath
A2 For Anger: A Heart Full Of Scorpions
A3 For Sacrifice: Marche Au Supplice I
A4 For Privacy: Primitive & Isolated
A5 For Silence: The Deep Endless Always
B1 For Pride : Fylfot I - The Strange Death Of Europe
B2 For Pride : Fylfot I - Marche Au Supplice II
B3 For The Guilty: We Belong Dead [Reprise - The Last Man]
B4 For The Isolated: Frozen In Gold

May everything with breath sing praise of The Devil, the Eleven Angels and the Current 218. HE is the venom in the tooth of the serpent and I am his emissary.
Black vinyl. Semi-glossy jacket with OBI strip. Double sided lyric A2 lyric sheet