MYRKÞURSABLÓT - Standard Edition.

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Throughout the pages of Myrkþursablót: Nightside of The Old Norse Mythology the authors introduce us to the dark world of the Þurs, analyzing their attributes and characteristics so that the reader may benefit from a deeper understanding of these primordial forces. It is through this understanding that the reader may make proper use of the runes and sigils presented and described in this book, with the ultimate goal of reaching true illumination. 

Myrkþursablót: Nightside of The Old Norse Mythologyis being released as a standard hardcover edition, fully illustrated by the talented Serpent Arts Works, with several full-page illustrations, runes, and bind-runes embellishing the pages of this masterpiece.
- Specifications: Octavo size (148 x 210 mm.), hardcover bound in blue Italian cloth.

Table of Contents
Preface to the Third Edition
Preface to the second Edition
Þursablóð - Blood of the Old Ones
Eldmegin - The scorching powers
Hrímmegin - The frost powers
Auðruna - Secrets of the void
Myrkrúnar - The dark runes
Fornþurs - The ancient þurs
Ulheðnar - Cult of the werewolf
Hrafnaguð - The raven god
Rúnseiða - Rune spells
Meditations Upon the Uþark