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by Ljóssál Loðursson

- Standard edition: Hardcover edition limited to 300 copies. The book is bound in black cloth with black end-papers and hand-sewn spine. The text is beautifully printed in red and black ink on cream-colored paper and comes accompanied by many illustrations and diagrams.
260 pages, 120 g. cream paper, Octavo format (148x210 mm), 140 g. black endpapers. Hand-sewn spine, bound in cloth and with a ribbon bookmark. Cover embossed with the the Heart of Gullveig in red ink.

The Unmanifest Kingdom is between the vertices of our reality; shining, the Celestial Body has been conjured through Fire and Ice. The Abyss of Ginnunga has opened its jaws to consume with unfathomable power that which prevents the return to the Origin, the prime source of the spirit, Ur. The whisper of Primeval Magic. Ginnrúnbók or the "Book of Primeval Whispers" is a grimoire dedicated to the understanding and worship of the Giants of the Nordic tradition. This work focuses on the contact with the primeval powers prior to the gods, whose influence arises from Ginnunga gap. The grimoire describes the relationship between the Runes and the Giants, as well as the scheme of Þursaseiðr or the Sorcery of the Giants in its nine manifestations. This material was first published by Editorial Ophiolatreia in 2014 and we are proud to introduce this material to a new, wider audience thirsty for a deeper understanding of the secret of the giants under the banner of Fall of Man. 

- All the bases of the Ginnstígr or the Primordial Path that leads to the discernment of the currents, forces and wisdom emanating from the Ginnunga Abyss. - Offering methods according to the old Norse tradition in relation to the Giants or Þursar.

- A complete description of the Uthark runic ordination in relation to the Þursian Runosophy, the four types of Setur or meditation methods to reach the introspective experiences of liberation through the Black Flame or Ginnviti .

- A dissertation on the development of Ragnarökkr or the darkness of powers at the internal level, along with a unique, deeper research according to the main methods of the Þursaseiðr.

Ginnrúnbók: The Book of Primeval Whispers has been illustrated by the immensely talented Chris Undirheimar from Blood & Fire Ritual Art, who has added his unique interpretation of the Nordic tradition to the many illustrations, runes and staves present within the book.

Ljóssál Loðursson is an esoteric and occult writer born in Boyacá, Colombia. He has dedicated more than 17 years of his life to the study of the different spiritual paths that lead to the transcendence of being. He learned Traditional Indigenous Medicine with shamans of the Muysca and Pastos ethnic groups, carrying out different methods of healing. He is co-founder of the initiatory group Arcanum Ordo Nigri Solis in Latin America, dedicated to the Alchemy of the Left-Hand Path. He has written articles for different magazines and esoteric books in North America and Europe such as Qliphoth Opus I and III, as well as Sabbatica, the Seas of Death and the Arcana of Death Bringer. He has studied the phenomenon of death in various cultures and holds a diploma in Embalming and Dissection, certified by the ASOMEF (Association of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences) in Colombia. He is currently fully dedicated to the study and experience of Nordic spirituality, and he is the first collaborator and professor of Runology in Latin America certified by the A.I.R (Accademia Italiana Runologi) in Europe.

: Table of Contents:


Chapter 0, On the Origin ... Chaosgony

Chapter 1, Ginnstígr ok Ginnvegir- The Path of the Void

Chapter 2, Ur, The Unmanifest Origin

Chapter 3, The Three Knowledges

Chapter 4, Sálarrót - The Soul’s Root

Chapter 5, The Three Wells of Wisdom

Chapter 6, Risablót, Sacrifice to the Giants

Chapter 7, Seta, Introspection and Meditation

Chapter 8, Ragnarökkr – The Darkness of the Powers

Chapter 9, Ginnhvelir, The Primordial Wheels

Chapter 10, Bölþorn, Óðinn's Runic Master

Chapter 11, Nóttrúnar – Þursian Runosophy

Chapter 12, Hjartarúnar ok Lokaletur - The Heart Runes

Chapter 13, Details on the practice of the Art

Chapter 14, Þursaseiðr - Sorcery of the Giants

Spá ok Sýn: Prophecy and Vision - Hamramr ok Trollaukinn: Shapeshifting - Helrúnar: Necromancy - Trollaþing: Evocation of the Trolls - Svefnasýnir ok Hamför: Oneiric Visions and Skin Travel - Samlag – Sexual Sorcery - Bölvan – Damnation, Curse and Baneful Magic - Landvættir - Spirits of the Territory