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by Talon
Specifications: 90 pages, 135 g. coated paper. Duodecimo size (135×190 mm.), semi-hardback cover (400 g.) bound in Italian cloth with black end-papers. Cover hot-stamped in silver, hand-sewn spine. 300 hand-numbered copies.
Fall Division is the separation of core humans, individual people from collective people. It could be called a division of the person of mind from a person of fear. Two different groups with different fundamental values and emphases regarding what and where to go during life. The only common element they share in their existence is time, since time affects everyone. The first group has emphasis on matters of mind, spirit, wisdom, existential discovery and the power of individual growth. The second group cherishes everything shallow relating to the body and matter; importance is placed on how the body or ones possessions are perceived by others for the purpose of gaining of status. To the second group, other people's approval and acceptance is key to happiness. We could describe each side by saying one searches for enlightenment while the other tends towards a cultivation of ignorance.
Drawing deeply from nihilism, Dharma and ontophobic philosophy (which maintains an absolute nihilism, consummate and proud of itself, considering that it is the only really free philosophy, since only nihilists seek to break the chains that bind us to the most terrible and suffocating prison: the "prison of being"), Fall division arrives to a profound conclusion: the physical world of Man holds no real importance. Conscious physical existence is fleeting. Value lies beyond the bounds of flesh and matter. A conscious mind that really sees the world for what it is in its physical state, a mind that is open and ready to challenge every previously defined aspect of what life and existentialism is, a mind that is ready to embrace the abstract and the unknown, is the only prepared instrument to facing an undefined eternity. There is no defining life, only the journey towards Fall's end.
Fall division is an attempt to define a bleak reality, giving us the terms and tools to understand it, identifying our role in it and the power we have over our own lives. By using its one terminology and nomenclature, Talon removes any preconceived notions the reader may have about this universal subject, giving us a new approach and many answers to the problem of being a conscious individual in the modern world.

:Table of Contents:

Concept and terminology - Part I
Means of expression
Life in the secular land

1. Man in the conscious existence of a tangible obviousness
Tellusian science
Accepted isolated apathy
The controlled Man inherits information
A contemporary take on how information is processed by the controlled Man
Controlled Emotions
The Still life example
Summary: The incapable Man
Altruism – egoism
An individual within the collective
Fall predetermined
Where we stand
Concept and terminology - Part II
2. The mind as ally or enemy

Active contemplation
Idle contemplation
3. The three stages of the individual
4. Fall Division
Sekriil O'Suun
Daút Kaur'I Sievál
Maen V'Eláian
5. Soul Curse: M.A.P.A.
6. Material Liberation: A.R.P.I
7. The forever broken mirror: the undefined eternity
8. Time