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Music by Fabio Frizzi

"...the original soundtrack from the movie HOUSE OF FORBIDDEN SECRETS (2013), directed by Todd Sheets and featuring Dyanne Thorne, Howard Maurer, Lew Temple, George Hardy and Bryan David.
The movie is a real tribute to the cinema of Lucio Fulci, whose atmospheres are given homage not only in images but in the choice of composer: popular Italian artist Fabio Frizzi, who was the late Italian director's favorite composer of choice for his most popular cult movies.
HOUSE OF FORBIDDEN SECRETS is a refreshing dive into the past, with great contemporary sonorities and profound emotional impact. A real eargasm for lovers of horror cinema and the music composed for Lucio Fulci's movies, and for everyone else, a minor masterpiece that belongs on your shelves and in your ears. HOUSE OF FORBIDDEN SECRETS will surely be the most amazing CD of your Christmas season!

The CD is presented in a jewel case with an 8-page booklet designed by Alessio Iannuzzi, liner notes (in Italian and English) by Todd Sheets and audio mastering by Fabio Frizzi. Are you feeling the fear?"