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'The Formulas of Death' CD 


The long awaited second full length album from the Ghosts of the North.

It has been a long wait between 'The Horror' and 'The Formulas of Death' and there has been a lot of maturation and development within the ranks of Tribulation. While 'The Horror' went straight for the jugular in terms of it's aggression, intensity and snappiness, 'Formulas...' is a considerably more measured and developed affair, reflecting the band's interest in the arcane and the occult as interpreted through their musical expression and prowess.

Those expecting 'The Horror' part two will have to search elsewhere. 'The Formulas of Death' is much, much more... 

1.     Vagina Dentata     04:01     
2.     Wanderer in the Outer Darkness     07:21     
3.     Spectres     06:24     
4.     לילה     02:33     
5.     Suspiria     10:39     
6.     Through the Velvet Black     07:31     
7.     Rånda     06:57     
8.     When the Sky Is Black with Devils     06:50     
9.     Spell     05:59     
10.   Ultra Silvam     04:16     
11.   Apparitions     13:17