'Guerra Total' LP

(much more necro/filthy than the full color circus like new cover implies!)

"Regular black vinyl pressing. OFFICIAL "DISCOGRAFIA TOTAL" including the best sounding remaster of their killer 1988 MLP, the 3 song demo 1988, unreleased track "Immundicia", 2 rare comp. tracks and a full live set 1988! Legendary Colombian blackened Thrash apocalypse featuring members of the immortal cult PARABELLUM!! A torrential wall of mangled noise that reverberates sickly from the strings like a vomit fuzz , anticipating eagerly for you to say, “enough is enough”! This is the definitive edition you have been waiting for!! Horrible to the core and quite unintelligible blackened metal of depravity, torturing their instruments into a black mass ritualistic fucked up noise of cruel chantings and drunken poundings, BLASFEMIA are the real Southern American Nightmare, and this total reissue comes to bring the madness back from the grave, and testify it forever on!! Comes with printed inner sleeve with rare photos, liner notes and lyrics + A2 poster."