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'Chthonic Libations' digi-CD
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1.     Beneath the Infernal Seats (Hymn to the Titans)     06:53     
2.     Secret Gates of Earth Unlocking (Hymn to Pluto)     09:27     
3.     Human Life to Age Abundant Spare (Hymn to Thanatos)     05:59     
4.     Mysteries of the Best Chthonic (Hymn to Perspehone)     10:40     
5.     The Oracle who Admonished the Unworthy (Hymn to Oneiroi)     11:28     

"Acherontas and Nastrond join forces and auras for the first time, as an omnipotent primal force, to give birth to an innovative Opus of Esoteric Art and Ceremonial vision. Five Odes to perceive and invoke, five chants to awake the Mysteria Endotata. The darkest pathways of Ancient Greek mysteries under the obscure Prism of Rune Sophia and the Orphic wisdom of Νέκυια and the Underworld, grant life to an aural Entity and Key to the innermost Flame
An Al-khemical Union is formed. The necromantical Ophiolatreia conjoined with Nordic Sorcery under the Auspice of Kundali vibrations, to mold the Serpentine Traditions and awaken the Sleeping Gods of Ancient Times. Acherontas and Nastrond coil and unfold into a newborn magma of Chthonian vibrations and Oneiric Joyrneys, delivering this new Opus entitled "Chthonic Libations"
An ode to the primordial Serpent and the Solar Entities to reign again over the tribes of Men, victorious and everlasting."

Paintings by Karl NE
Design Graphics by AB Grave IX design

Recorded during the Lunar Auspices of MMXVI by the Covens of Acherontas and Nastrond. Reconding engineering, sound and vibe manipulation, mix and mastering by Christian Kambas.